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Blue Moon Cafe

American food in an American retro-style diner

One of the greatest things about Japan is Japanese food. I am a self-confessed food addict and eating out in Japan is definitely ranked high on my list of favourite things to do. Every once in a while, though, when I've had my fill of soba and udon, I've eaten bucket loads of bento, and I'm all sushi-ed out I crave a good old-fashioned, meaty hamburger or a plate of spicy Mexican nachos. When that happens I come down to the Blue Moon Cafe.

While on my wanders around Hiroshima, I accidently located another American restaurant one night- aptly named American Deep Dish. American Deep Dish is located in Dobashi and serves a similar menu as the Blue Moon Cafe. So, if you are down that part of town and hankering for a burger, it's certainly worth popping into. However, if you are closer to the city center and are craving a hamburger, I recommend eating here.

The interior is chock-a-block with American posters, signs, hubcaps, toy cars, license plates, neon signs and even some 50's style gas pumps. The private booths are comfortable and can seat quite a few people. With a total capacity of 80, and many tables and chairs, it's a large enough to hold a party or to seat large groups easily.

Their menu has an extensive range of American and Tex-Mex food written in both English and katakana. All the food is really reasonable priced (most of the burgers cost less than ¥1000) and portions are wonderfully large. Burgers and sandwiches come with fries so there is no need to order a portion unless you're particularly hungry and for the really dedicated hamburger aficionados out there there is a mammoth-sized burger named the "Hiroshima Monster Burger". This is a burger of truly epic proportions (it will set you back ¥2480) a picture of this beauty can be seen on their menu and website.

The cocktail menu is large and varied. With so many unrecognizable names I find it's best to choose a name you like the sound of and wait for the surprise! There is a pretty good selection of world beer and there are also many soft drinks and non-alcoholic cocktails to choose from.

There are several all you can eat and drink offers available for people looking to hold a party here. My friends and I have had two birthday parties here (although we just ordered from the menu separately) and we were treated really well and really enjoyed the selection of food and cocktails on offer. At both parties the birthday boy/girl was treated to an amazing ice-cream and chocolate brownie sundae (some of which I liberated) which is how I also know that the desserts they serve here are seriously delicious. This restaurant is definitely one of my favorite guilty pleasure.

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JJ Walsh 11 years ago
This is such a fun place- you mentioned birthday parties and it is also fun to take kids to - the bright colors and neon signs inside as well as the toy car collections and American antiques on display all over the place add a lot of interest to the place for kids, like dining in a fun, pop American museum of sorts. First time I went, I expected the staff to wear old style diner costumes too.

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