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Harry Hedgehog Cafe

The latest animal-themed cafe in Tokyo

If you are looking for some kawaii overload and want something different than your average cat-, owl-, bunny- or goat-themed cafe, you are in luck.

In February 2016, Tokyo’s new hedgehog cafe “Harry” opened just one minute away from Roppongi station. For a fee of 2,000 yen on weekdays (or 2,600 yen on holidays) you can pick your favorite new coffee buddy from of one of their ~25 hedgehogs.

Because I am always in for anything that is animal related, I decided to visit this remarkable hedgehog-themed cafe.

Upon arrival I was warmly greeted in English. It was clear that some of the hedgehogs enjoyed the human company more than others. Some of them appeared to be quite scared and did not look like they were in the mood to pose for selfies with the visitors. Luckily they were not forced to do so and the hedgehogs without model aspirations were placed back in their glass boxes.

The cuddling session took around 30 minutes and you are allowed to bring your own drinks and food if the self-service selection of beverages is not enough to calm you down from all the cuteness around you.

And if you really can’t get enough of them, you can even buy one when you leave. Just make sure to take great care of your new little friend!

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