About Ehime
Area:5,676.10 sq. km

Located in northwestern Shikoku and bordering the Seto Inland Sea, Ehime is surrounded by nature - visitors can enjoy great views of the Inland Sea coast and the Seto Inland Sea National Park.

Many tourists also flock to Ehime to visit Dogo Onsen, arguably the most storied hot springs in Japan, as well as the historical Matsuyama and Uwajima castles. In fact, Ehime has five of Japan’s “Top 100 Castles,” the most of any prefecture (tied with Hyogo and Nagano).

The capital city of Matsuyama is perhaps most famous for being the scene of Natsume Soseki’s Botchan, one of Japan’s most beloved novels. As a result, many attractions in the city bear its name, such as the Botchan Train.

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