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Iya Bijin

Iya Bijin

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Iya Bijin offers set meals - many featuring the area's hand-cut soba noodles - and overnight accommodation right next to one..


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Kazurabashi - Rope Bridge of Iya

Kazurabashi - Rope Bridge of Iya


A traditional vine-rope bridge located in Tokushima Prefecture's Iya Valley region. A beautiful work of engineering in a gorgeous..


About Miyoshi

Miyoshi is a city in Tokushima Prefecture that is a gateway to the natural scenery the region has to offer. The Iya Valley, Mount Tsurugi, and Oboke Gorge all lie in the vicinity of Miyoshi.

Iya Valley is rugged side of Japan that calls out to adventurous travelers, with the Kazura Vine Bridge its main attraction. The bridge is made up of vines and stretches across a canyon. There are also observation decks along the valley for visitors to overlook the vast area.

Mount Tsurugi is western Japan's second highest peak and boasts brilliant views of the Seto Inland Sea and beyond. 

The Oboke Gorge can be viewed from a boat cruise that runs along the Yoshino River. The autumn views are especially stunning, with red, yellow, and orange leaves lending vibrancy to the Shikoku Mountains.

In the city, visitors can treat themselves to local delights such as grilled trout with salt, cooked on an open hearth, and Iya Soba, which can be enjoyed in broth or in dipping sauce.