Akiba Fukuro - The Owl Cafe

One of Japan's best animal cafes

By Charles Colfer    - 2 min read

As I am sure the internet has informed you before, if you are visiting Tokyo, going to Akihabara’s Owl Cafe should be on your to-do list. Who wouldn’t love to sip tea and pet such adorable and majestic creatures? Going to Akihabara should be on your list of stops to begin with if you have interests in Japanese pop-culture, anime, manga, games, technology, and this is an unforgettably wonderful experience.

Because of the cafe's popularity, a reservation is needed. You can easily make one on their website and through email. Their website has their opening hours, available time slots, information about the owls and all of their contact information. The staff are not fluent in English but are quite good and are very eager and kind as they explain to you all they know about the owls they carry. They will reply to your email requesting a reservation quite quickly and suggest you show up ten to fifteen minutes early before your one hour time slot. The hour appointment is ¥1500.

From Akihabara Station, it is about a five minute walk. On their website as well as this page, you can find their address, phone number and other information to help you find the cafe. In total, they have about sixteen owls, any of which (unless they are sleeping or resting) you can pet, request to hold and take pictures with (the pictures are free!). When you arrive early for your appointment, the staff will hand you a booklet with information about owl care, how you should behave during your stay and many FAQ’s.

Again, because of its popularity, I would suggest making your reservation as soon as possible. Make sure you give yourself a good amount of time to find the place as well, as it is on a small side street and even for someone familiar with the area, it can potentially be hard to find.

At the end of your visit, you will receive a picture with you and the owl you chose as a gift from the cafe. The hour runs by quite quickly, so make sure to enjoy every second of it!

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Charles Colfer

Charles Colfer @charles.colfer

Hello everyone!  My name is Charlie, I'm a 21 year old foreign exchange student from Boston, Mass studying abroad for a year. I've always wanted to travel, especially to Japan, and so far it's been absolutely fantastic. I love photography and occasionally making videos/vlogs about my experiences here, and would love to get into any form of professional media/ travel guide work. From my experiences as a college student, I love to find the best things to do while on a budget, as I'm sure many of us out there are limited to! Traveling can be expensive, and sometimes all the options seem daunting or simply undoable. I'm inclined to believe otherwise! I'm a pretty outgoing person, love exploring, meeting new people and pushing my boundaries.

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JapanTravel Guest
JapanTravel Guest 5 months ago
The staff looks like he came from an anime, or does magic. Usually doves, not owls, are used. Visiting here looks to be an entertaining show!
Justin Velgus 7 months ago
The staff looks like he came from an anime, or does magic. Usually doves, not owls, are used. Visiting here looks to be an entertaining show!
Novia Mardasari a year ago
This is remind me for dog cafes.. Maybe in Japan has cat cafe also.. unique.. how they maintain it 😂
Gerald a year ago
sorry, but owl cafe equals animal cruelty. They are tied to a trunk on very short leash and can hardly move. Besides that, similar to guinea pigs they do NOT enjoy being petted by humans, in fact this results in psychological stress for them.
Elena Lisina 2 years ago
I don't think owls are happy with that as they're wild birds. Cat cafe is fine because cats are pets and live with people.
Elena Lisina 2 years ago
Yes, it sounds better! : )