Explore Sake in Nagano with Kurabito Stay

Get intimate with the fantastic drink and its history

Dec 18th
When: Saturday - Dec 18th 2021

Sake brewers have always played an important role in Japan’s history. Known as kurabito in Japanese, even today sake brewers are a pillar of their community. What better way to explore the mystique and culture of Japan than by experiencing a day in the life of a kurabito?

Visit an authentic sake brewery with more than 300 years of history in Saku City, Nagano Prefecture, with the guidance of Kurabito Stay. Then view a one-of-a-kind experience brewing sake with the guidance of professionals. During this virtual trip, discover why Kurabito Stay should be on your next itinerary to Japan.

Virtual Event: https://youtu.be/pA3iwTafXZ8

Saku City is home to thirteen breweries that produce Japanese nihonshu, commonly called sake. Being blessed with pure water sources and one of the most abundant rice-growing areas in Japan, sake brewing in Saku is steeped in a 300-year-old tradition. Plunge yourself into the role of a real kurabito and become at one with the beloved drink of Japan.

Tour Itinerary (Schedule subject to change)

13:00 - Introduction and Greetings from Kurabito Stay

13:05 - A visit to Kitsukura Brewery shop and surrounding area

13:10 - Moving to the brewery

13:15 - Inside Kitsukura Brewery

13:20 - View the sake-making process and related rituals

13:45 - Visit Kurabito Stay Hotel for sake tasting and food pairing

13:55 - Question and Answer session / Close

Virtual Event: https://youtu.be/pA3iwTafXZ8

About Kurabito Stay

Kurabito Stay offers a unique view of Japanese culture with their one-of-a-kind stay at an authentic sake brewery. Stay in a renovated hiroshiki—a large chamber where Kurabito used to sleep—and breathe in the history and tradition of Japanese sake culture.

Meet your hosts

Anthony Blair Guardia

From Maryland, USA, Anthony is the promotion manager at the Nagano Prefecture Tourism Organization.

Ide Taira

The 19th generation head of the Kitsukura Shuzo Brewery, Ide Taira continuously strives to support the local community by sharing its passion and the Japanese culture through sake brewing.

Tazawa Marika

Promoting the area through the "Tourism Area Development# program, Tazawa Marika has also opened the world's first brewery hotel, the Kurabito Stay.


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Kim a month ago
So fortunate for the opportunity to enjoy all these virtual tours!
Justin Velgus a month ago
Wow, what an amazing experience! The chance to explore sake in a deep, authentic way is very attractive for many visitors I think.