Pocky and Pretz dominate snack food shelves, and have even gained popularity abroad (Photo: Umpqua / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)
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Pocky and Pretz Day

A celebration of these much-loved Japanese snacks

When: Mid Nov 2024

Head into any convenience store or supermarket snack food aisle in Japan, and you're bound to see two main players on the shelves: Pocky and Pretz. Both are stick-shaped, but Pocky are dipped in chocolate, whereas Pretz are sprinkled with a variety of seasonings. They come in a wide range of flavors, with many seasonal options available at different times of the year. Pocky varieties have included the likes of sweet potato, pineapple, and chestnut, and Pretz varieties run the gamut with offerings like basil, cheese, and bacon flavors to name just a few.

A unique foodie-themed event held on November 11th each year is Pocky and Pretz Day, a celebration of these much-loved snacks. What is the significance of November 11th, you may be asking? The date (11/11) looks like the long and thin stick-shaped goodies! If you ever needed a reason to enjoy some deliciousness guilt-free, mark your calendars and save the date!

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