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Tokyo Disney Resort’s 40th Anniversary Special Event

Enjoy the colorful and festive atmosphere of Tokyo Disney Resort for its 40th Anniversary!

Venue: Tokyo Disneyland & DisneySea When: Apr 15th - Mar 31st 2024

From April 15, 2023 to March 31, 2024, Tokyo Disney Resort will celebrate its 40th anniversary with the special event "Dream-Go-Round!”

Although the world is in the midst of celebrating The Walt Disney Company’s 100th anniversary, this year is a special one for Tokyo Disney Resort as well as it marks 40 years since the opening of Tokyo Disneyland—the first Disney park outside the United States!

The theme for this memorable 40th anniversary is Dream-Go-Round!

Don't miss this limited-time, dream-filled experience as Guests, Cast Members, and Disney's friends unite and celebrate their colorful dreams together!

Tokyo Disneyland

To celebrate its 40th anniversary, Tokyo Disneyland has decorated the park with bright "Dream Garlands," key items for this special event. Cinderella’s Castle, which has been welcoming guests as the symbol of the park for the past 40 years, is also proudly displaying the commemorative number “40.”

A new daytime parade, "Disney Harmony in Colors," runs once a day along the parade route, acting as symbolic entertainment of the 40th anniversary celebration. The theme of the parade is "harmonious world of colors," in which the Disney and Pixar friends present new adventures, courage, friendship, and family bonds through a variety of stories. Enjoy colorful floats, characters who are fulfilling their dreams, and uplifting music! (You can only access some viewing areas with a Disney Premium Pass).

Tinker Bell starts the parade with dancers in colorful costumes!

Nick and Judy from Zootopia in their police officer costumes!

Clawhauser making his first appearance in the world!

The princesses are full of courage! Watch Rapunzel fly with her long hair, and admire a float that embodies the Colors of the Wind!

The characters that ride in the vehicles and tell the stories seem to come straight out of the movies!

The finale float is Mickey and Pals!

The colorful float is reminiscent of flower petals, and Mickey Mouse and his friends appear in costumes as colorful as the seven colors of the rainbow!

In addition to the new parade, the park’s regular shows also offer special 40th anniversary editions! The show, "Club Mouse Beat," which runs four to five times a day at the Tomorrowland show base, features Mickey and friends giving a wonderful performance with upbeat music. For the finale, Mickey and his pals dress up in 40th anniversary costumes and entertain the crowd with a festive performance accompanied by the anniversary theme song! Entry Request (lottery for entertainment or attractions access) is required for show admission. Some exceptions apply.

The Tokyo Disneyland Band, which gives live performances of Disney music, will also contribute to the 40th anniversary event. The Band will perform at the World Bazaar, the entrance, and around the Plaza Terrace on an unscheduled basis. So if you happen to run into them, be sure to enjoy the wonderful music!

Tokyo Disneyland
東京ディズニーランド 4.3 6 Reviews
  • 1-1 Maihama, Urayasu, Chiba 279-0031
  • 9:00 - 21:00 (Open Now)
  • ¥4700 - ¥10900

Tokyo DisneySea

You can also enjoy the celebratory atmosphere of the 40th anniversary at Tokyo DisneySea! The area from MiraCosta Avenue to Mediterranean Harbor, which is the starting point for a journey into the sea of adventure and imagination, shines with numerous Dream Garlands.

Mickey and his friends greet you in their 40th anniversary costumes at "Let's Celebrate with Color," a special 40th anniversary Harbor Greeting held once or twice a day in the Mediterranean Harbor.

Each color symbolizes a different future, and they bring the joy of the 40th anniversary to everyone while waving their flags along to lively music! Be sure to check out Duffy and Shellie May's 40th anniversary costumes, which you can only see at Tokyo DisneySea!

Tokyo DisneySea
東京ディズニーシー 4.4 7 Reviews
  • 1-1 Maihama, Urayasu, Chiba 279-0031
  • 9:00 - 21:00 (Open Now)
  • ¥4700 - ¥9400

Both Parks

At the end of the day, enjoy fireworks, called "Sky Full of Colors." The beautiful fireworks that bloom in the night sky to the 40th anniversary theme song and other Disney music will make your special memories of your time at the parks last forever in your heart. *The program will be closed from July 3 (Mon.) to September 6 (Wed.).

When visiting the park, why don't you interact with the Cast Members as well? Cast Members will welcome you with 40th anniversary flags, and you can share a fun time dancing with them during the “Dream Garland Time!”, which is a surprise event held at various locations around the park!

Guests can also ask Cast Members for birthday stickers, Dream Garland stickers to celebrate the 40th anniversary, and Dream Garland cards to express their wishes to Cast Members and your important people! *Cast members may not be available depending on location and time.


Do you want to wear and express the anniversary’s festive feeling with your whole body?

If so, we recommend the "Dream Garland," a key item for the 40th anniversary! Why not choose your favorite one from a variety of designs and wear it with everyone? Pair the garland with colorful clothes and a cute stuffed toy to decorate your own way! (Product availability is subject to change without notice. Standby passes may be required to enter stores selling merchandise.)


One of the best parts of a trip to Tokyo Disney Resort is the food in the parks! There will be many special foods and drink items available only for the 40th anniversary. There are so many options that you may not be able to eat them all in one stay! From restaurant course meals to quick and easy one-hand food and drinks to festive and colorful souvenir menus, there's plenty to choose from! Here are some of our particular recommendations.

Berry Cheesecake Popcorn, available in specially design paper boxes and Popcorn buckets

Special Cake

Mickey-shaped Ukiwa(swim ring) Bun

Mickey’s Ears-Teriyaki Chicken, Swim ring-Chinese-style Chicken

Tiramisu Donuts (with Almonds)

Little Patissier Mickey Mouse Dessert

“Dream-Go-Round” is a special event only at the Tokyo Disney Resort, so be sure to visit during your stay in Japan!

Please check the official website and official app for Disney Premium Access, Entry Request (lottery for entertainment or attractions access), standby pass, Priority Seating, latest show information, operation information, and any other up-to-date information.


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