Mar 6th
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Virtual Event Invite: Odate/Towada 2023

Take a tour and explore Odate and Towada

When: Monday - Mar 6th 2023

Nestled in a scenic forest region covered in snow and steeped in rich culture and delicious food, both Odate and Towada offer special cultural experiences unlike any other in Japan. Take a tour with us, and explore some of the more unique locations, foods, and culture of these two areas.

About Odate:

About Towada:

Akita Dogs, Frozen Falls, and Barayaki

We will start our Odate-Towada adventure with a visit to the Akita Dog Museum to pay homage to the world-famous dog breed. Next, we will take a look at the frozen beauty of the Oirase Gorge Waterfalls and admire this one-of-a-kind landmark.

Finally, we will enjoy Towada’s iconic comfort food, Barayaki, and explore what makes this delicious dish so special to both Towada residents and visitors alike.

Live Monday, March 6, 2023 11 AM JST Link:

Tour Itinerary - Introduction of tour hosts

- Exploration of Odate and Towada

- Matagi Food Discussion

- Akita Inunosato

- Oirase Gorge Frozen Waterfall

- Towada Barayaki

- Closing / Questions and Answers

SAVOR Japan (website) (YouTube)

Regional areas where you can enjoy the best of Japanese dining and discover things related to foods are certified as “Savor Japan” by the Minister of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries.

Savor Japan certification is designed to draw attention to the local brand that comes from the numerous farming, mountain, and fishing villages throughout Japan where food is a way of life, and leads to an increase in interpersonal exchanges through deeper discovery of Japanese cuisine and the enjoyment of unforgettable experiences in authentic Japanese food culture.

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