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Not your average flower festival! (Photo: TR15336300101 / CC BY-SA 4.0)

Takefu Chrysanthemum Doll Festival

Japan's national flower on display in Fukui

By Kim    - 1 min read
Venue: Takefu Central Park When: Oct 7th - Nov 6th 2022

Chrysanthemums are Japan's national flower, and in the autumn months there are many different festivals dedicated to these beautiful blooms. One that is quite unique is Fukui's Takefu Chrysanthemum Doll Festival, where the flowers are displayed on life sized dolls!

This year's theme is fairytale princesses, so you can expect to see plenty of displays taking on that whimsical vibe. The venue boasts over 20,000 chrysanthemum plants to enjoy, as well as plenty of spots for photo opportunities.

Best of all, the event is free to enter!

Getting there

The Takefu Chrysanthemum Doll Festival is held at the Takefu Chuo Park. If you've visiting the area via public transport, the closest station is Takefu on the JR Hokuriku Main Line. The park is around 15 minutes on foot from the station, of taxis are available if you'd prefer. If you visit the event on a Sunday, there will be a free shuttle bus available from the station to the venue running every 20 minutes (the last free bus departs at 2.40pm each Sunday).

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