Feb 22nd

Virtual Event Invite: Iizukatei Hotel Tour 2022

Step into the past with a stay at this historic building

Tuesday - Feb 22nd 2022

Iizukatei Hotel, located 2.5 hours north of Tokyo in Nakagawa-machi, Tochigi Prefecture, is a tangible cultural heritage property with over 200 years of history. Join us on a virtual tour of this impressive building and envision a stay at Iizukatei Hotel.

A Modern, Yet Historic Stay

Once the residence of the powerful Iizuka Family, Iizukatei Hotel stands today as the only cultural heritage property in Eastern Japan to be renovated into a hotel. Given its careful preservation, the hotel still retains its traditional Japanese charm and offers guests intimate insights into the Edo and Meiji periods. Admire the historic architecture inside and out, and immerse yourself in the alluring atmosphere.

Iizukatei Hotel is home to six rooms–three apartment style rooms (Yashiki) and three storehouse (Kura) rooms. Both room styles feature quality furnishings, historical charm, locally sourced meals, and unparalleled hospitality. Experience Nakagawa-machi!

This unique hotel also acts as an extension of Nakagawa-machi and connects you with local shops and restaurants for a variety of interactive experiences. Join a knowledgeable instructor, and cycle through the countryside, or have dinner with a local farming family in the comfort of their home. Other fun activities include fruit and vegetable picking, chopstick making, brewery tours, soba noodle making, and pottery workshops. The town also holds a February illumination event and is home to sophisticated, yet charming event venues, hot springs, art galleries, temples, shrines, and more.

Discover why this off-the-beaten-path hotel is a must-visit for your next trip to Japan.

Virtual event: https://youtu.be/KiypIsrBIhA Available February 22nd, 13:00

Food x Countryside Spirit: Dining Experience at a Farmhouse

This is a program where you can stay at the Iizuka Residence, an old private house designated as a national tangible cultural property, and enjoy homemade Japanese food and interaction with local farmers, where you can experience Japanese nature and culture.

*Due to Covid situation, we will not be visiting an actual farmhouse this time. Explanation of the farmhouse will only be given by inserts and meals will be prepared and eaten at the Iizuka Residence.

What is Eat! Meet! Japan?

Eat! Meet! Japan is a project that recognizes and promotes the best Japanese food experiences nationwide. Commissioned by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries (MAFF), the project provides an environment where tourists can enjoy unique Japanese food experiences even after multiple visits to Japan.

Eat! Meet! Japan brings people together through food and provides a window into the culture of the areas represented. These award-winning experiences demonstrate Japanese food as a gateway into topics like history, spirituality, sustainability, local agriculture, and craftsmanship.

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Sébastien Duval 2 years ago
This virtual tour was above average; great local staff 👍
Elena Lisina 2 years ago
That would be such a great opportunity!
Justin Velgus 2 years ago
I have never heard of a cultural heritage that is also a hotel. It is great to see the dedication to preserving history!
Elizabeth S 2 years ago
Most of the heritage houses I visit and write about are museums. There are a few in my area that are private homes. It's a real treat to see an antique house like this one serving as guest accommodation.
Kim 2 years ago
Great concept for a virtual tour!

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